Mummas Preserves

I, Loretta and my partner Jo recently purchased a block in Mollongghip Victoria through Vic Properties.

Although it is still to settle in the next coming months we are very delighted in the purchase of our land.

We agreed to meet up with one of the investors to get a better understanding of where the boundaries of our block are.

Yesterday we had the pleasure of meeting Romano and his lovely girlfriend at the block.

We found their characters to be very friendly and down to earth, not like normal real estate agents that never have time for you.

They showed depth of knowledge to all our queries.

They were punctual courteous and showed us exactly where the boundaries of our block were, in such freezing conditions.

After pointing out the boundaries and freezing as it was 7 degrees celcius, Romano presented us with a warm Congratulations and sincerely handed over 2 company caps and a lovely bottle of wine.

It was very unexpected, but a lovely gesture and we recommend Vic Properties to everyone.


Loretta and Jo
By email dated 20th July, 2011